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8 July, 2014

I have the pleasure to present you my other blog, dedicated to street photography.

You’ll wonder: If you already have a photography blog, why have another one?

The structure of is a group of photos with a common theme. And some photos, that I considered interesting, have stayed unpublished because I didn’t have enough of them. I decided to create another blog, with a layout oriented to present individual photographs, with less text.

This is how my was born.

street photography blog fuji x100s

The new blog is specialized in street photography. If you want to know more about street photography I advise you to visit the special dossier in the page of Oscar in photos, very interesting.

street photography blog love between bikes fuji x100s

street photography blog museo del prado fuji x100s

For now, all photos have been taken with the Fuji X100S. You may have notice that is the excellent camera to take photos in the street: light, discreet and makes no noise when you takes pictures.

street photography blog metro window fuji x100s

street photography blog chris killip museo reina sofia fuji x100s

The majority of the photos are colour photography. There are some exceptions like this black and white at night.

street photography blog circulos bajo la lluvia fuji x100s

I invite you to visit my other blog. I hope you like it.

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