Partial color

21 August, 2013

The Fuji X100S camera, in the «Advanced Filter» menu option, lets you apply some filters to achieve special effects. Let’s talk about the so called «Partial Color» that respects a colour and turns to black-and-white the rest of the image.

The colours that we can choose are:
red, orange, yellow, green, blue y purple.

First try, partial colour green, on stone and on an old stone bridge. As nearly all the tones in the backgroun were grey, the final result is pretty natural; the green on the leaves simply stands out over the background.

Partial Color color parcial verde partial color green fuji X100s

Apertura: ƒ/5.6   Cámara: X100S   ISO: 200   Velocidad: 1/125s  

In a Subway corridor, red colour. I did a test on a boy with a red t-shirt, but I preferred this try, with the subject in black-and-white.

Partial Color -color parcial rojo metro partial color red subway fuji X100s

Apertura: ƒ/2   Cámara: X100S   ISO: 200   Velocidad: 1/60s  

And, again in the Subway, the colour yellow. The girl wears a yellow t-shirt which is the same colour as the wall. Even though in this case we have played integrating the subject with the background, showing that the colour with which the subject dresses can be used to make him stand out. Keep in mind that you need to have the time to select the partial colour option in the menu before framing and taking the photo.

Partial Color color parcial amarillo partial color yellow subway fuji X100s

Apertura: ƒ/2   Cámara: X100S   ISO: 400   Velocidad: 1/80s  

Continuing with yellow, a flower between the thistles.

Partial Color yellowx100s.es_color parcial amarillo cardos_partial color yellow- fuji X100s

Apertura: ƒ/9   Cámara: X100S   ISO: 400   Velocidad: 1/900s  

With partial colour purple, thistle flowers.

Partial Color -color parcial morado - partial color purple - fuji X100s

Apertura: ƒ/5.6   Cámara: X100S   ISO: 200   Velocidad: 1/340s  

I took this other one, nearer, with the background out of focus. In the rest of the photos, I have increased the contrast; this one remains the same as the camera took it. The previous had more strength, the black-and-white fights against the colour to obtain our attention; in the following we only see the purple flowers.

Partial Color -color parcial morado - partial color purple - fuji X100s

Apertura: ƒ/5.6   Cámara: X100S   ISO: 200   Velocidad: 1/180s  

With partial colour yellow, a forefront of a sunflower during the sunset. The yellow tones behind the background tree are the last rays of sunlight.

Partial Color -color parcial girasol - partial color sunflower - fuji X100s

Apertura: ƒ/4.5   Cámara: X100S   ISO: 800   Velocidad: 1/150s  

We can be interested on pointing out something that isn’t in the foreground. Even if it is out of focus, obtaining patch of colour.

Partial Color color parcial verde partial color green fuji X100s

Apertura: ƒ/5.6   Cámara: X100S   ISO: 200   Velocidad: 1/320s  

We can find some surprises with no expected results. In the following example, the shines of the chairs have resulted on a light grey. The result is not very satisfactory.

Partial Color color parcial rojo partial color red fuji X100s

Apertura: ƒ/2   Cámara: X100S   ISO: 500   Velocidad: 1/34s  

The shadows and the shines are considered as a different colour from the chosen one and it turns them to black-and-white.

In the case of the tree leaves, with a lot of shadows, the green is not appreciated between so many dark areas. Nor in the big tree, nor in the ones in the background.

Partial Color greenx100s.es_color parcial arbol_partial color - fuji X100s

Apertura: ƒ/5.6   Cámara: X100S   ISO: 400   Velocidad: 1/850s  

A similar photo with colour

Colourx100s.es_arbol_colores - fuji X100s

Apertura: ƒ/5.6   Cámara: X100S   ISO: 400   Velocidad: 1/900s  

To demonstrate that is not a special case, a second try with another tree with a similar result.

Partial Color color parcial verde partial color green fuji X100s

Apertura: ƒ/5.6   Cámara: X100S   ISO: 200   Velocidad: 1/550s  

En colorx100s.es_casa.con.arbol.verde - fuji X100s

Apertura: ƒ/6.4   Cámara: X100S   ISO: 400   Velocidad: 1/850s  

And to finish, a partial colour blue. Bringing out the sky is not a good option in this photo. Generally, the blue sky is not the most important part of the picture and drives our attention away.

Partial Color bluex100s.es_color parcial azul cielo_partial color blue - fuji X100s

Apertura: ƒ/5.6   Cámara: X100S   ISO: 800   Velocidad: 1/420s  

To sum up, the partial colour filter is a resource that lets us point out some element and that can give good results in some photos.


  1. Diego says:

    A mí sí que me gusta el efecto del cielo azul. Da la impresión de ser una ciudad antigua traída al mundo moderno. Quizás quedaría mejor en una foto en la que se viese más edificio y menos cielo.

  2. Javi says:

    Molan un montón las fotos. Me gusta mucho el girasol

  3. Joni says:

    Very true! Makes a change to see sooemne spell it out like that. 🙂

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